All professionals at West Liberty Veterinary Clinic maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

  • William G. Holbrook, DVM (deceased)

    Dr. W.G. Holbrook graduated from Auburn University in 1963. He was essentially the first veterinarian in the hills of Eastern Ky. He has practiced large and small medicine since graduation. He has set the bar high for the other veterinarians that have and will follow in his steps. His dedication to his profession is unmatch

    Practicing Since: Apr 07, 1963

    Education: Auburn CVM

  • David Fugate, DVM

    I count it a great privilege to work and live in the hills of Eastern Ky. I was born and raised in Morgan Co. My kindergarten class visited Dr. Holbrook's clinic in 1977. He fed us and gave us a tour including Layla the Cougar for those of you old enough to remember. This must have made quite an impression! I joined the WLVC in 1998 and have been blessed to serve so many wonderful people and the animals that make up their families and herds. I have a wonderful wife, Cindi, and three lovely children, Lindsey, Emma, and Laynee. I have five dogs, a few horses and a small herd of cattle

    Practicing Since: Apr 07, 1998

    Education: Auburn CVM

  • Ralph Adams, DVM

    Being a veterinarian has been my dream since I was in 7th grade. I graduated from Magoffin County High School in 1993. From there, I received an undergraduate degree from Morehead State University. I completed requirements for the entrance to veterinary school at the University of Kentucky. I graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama in 2004. Devoting such time to education was a privilege in order to allow me to serve the people and animals of Eastern Kentucky. My loving wife Amber, is a teacher at Wrigley Elementary here in Morgan County. We have three sons, Cole, Caleb, and Kasyn.

    Practicing Since: Apr 07, 2004

    Education: Tuskegee CVM

  • Laura Howard, DVM

    Being a veterinarian is the greatest job on Earth, and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful profession. I was raised in Red Bush, KY, and I graduated from Johnson Central High School in 1996. From there, I went to Morehead State University to study biology and chemistry. In college, I worked at WLVC with Drs. Holbrook and Fugate, and that made me decide to go to veterinary school. I graduated from Auburn University in 2006 and came back to WLVC to practice. I have two great kids, McKenzie and Mason. Our furry family includes several dogs, cats, horses, cows, and sheep. God has blessed my life, and I pray that I can serve Him by serving you and your pets.

    Practicing Since: May 07, 2006

    Education: Auburn CVM

    Email[email protected]

  • Ashley Rose, DVM

    I grew up on a farm in Johnson County and wanted to become a veterinarian from a very early age. I graduated from Johnson Central High School in 2002 and then went on to Pikeville College where I received a B.S. in Biology in 2006. Also in 2006, I relocated to the lovely Auburn, AL for veterinary school (WAR EAGLE!). I graduated from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2010, then began working at W.L.V.C. in July. I am a Christian and I love the outdoors and spending time with my family. I have a mutt dog named Madylyn Mae and we have cattle on our family farm.

    Practicing Since: Jul 07, 2010

    Education: Auburn CVM

  • Dalia Smith-Harr, DVM

    I was born and raised in Manchester, Ky. I graduated from Manchester Christian Academy in 2007. I then attended Eastern Kentucky University for four years, before going to veterinary school at Auburn University. I grew up showing horses and spending my spare time with companion animals. I have always wanted to be a veterinarian, especially in an under-serviced, rural area. I have a supportive husband, Shannon, and two loyal companions, Tootsie and Alfie. Since I've been out of school in 2016, I have worked at the W.LV.C. I love every day I spend at the clinic or on farm calls and look forward to many years of servicing our clients and their animals.

    Practicing Since: 2016

    Education: Auburn CVM

  • Emily Strong, DVM

    Veterinary medicine has been a passion of mine for a long time. Growing up, my pets were my best friends and confidants, so it was no surprise that as I got older my desire to become a veterinarian blossomed. I know firsthand how important the bond between people and their pets was, and I wanted to nurture and protect that bond. I started job shadowing at WLVC’s Jackson satellite clinic during high school and immediately fell in love with vetmed. I graduated from Breathitt County High School in 2014 and then Morehead State University in 2018 before moving to Auburn, AL for veterinary school. I graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2022 (WAR EAGLE!) and moved back home to Jackson, KY where I currently live with my husband, James Strong, and our 3 dogs Mae, Rosie, and Snow. I am so grateful to be home and to be a part of this profession.

    I look forward to serving my community and making a difference in the lives of my patients and the people who love them.

    Practicing Since: June 06, 2022

    Education: Auburn CVM

  • Anna Hash, Veterinary Assistant

    I was born and raised in Lexington, KY until my family moved to Mt Sterling when I was in 7th grade. At that time, I started showing horses and developed an already growing passion for animals and an interest in the veterinary profession. I am currently a Veterinary Science Major at Morehead State University and plan to go on to attend veterinary school. I have been very blessed with opportunity to work with the talented staff of the WLVC as they have helped me gain experience and knowledge to prepare for vet school and a future career. My family and I have horses, dogs, and cats, and I enjoy taking care of other people's animals just like my own.

  • Blaine Lindon, Veterinary Technician

    Hello! I have been working at the WLVC for five years now! I am working towards a technician's license and I enjoy working with all animals. I have two dogs of my own: Patty and Maddy. I look forward to working alongside your fur babies.

  • Chandler Lindon

    Bio coming soon

  • Nadalee Steele, Receptionist

    I was born and raised In Eastern Kentucky in beautiful Carter County. I graduated from East Carter High School in 2008. I, along with my fiancé David, run a small farm in Morehead that we lovingly named “Empty PocketFarm”, where we mostly raise cattle. We also have various other animals that keep us busy, such as dogs, pigs, donkeys, a goat, horse, and several chickens. My love for all animals, both big and small, has led me to WLVC. Seeing and meeting different people and animals daily is what makes this my dream job and the tail wags and sloppy dog kisses are just a bonus.

  • Avavan Deaton, Receptionist

    My name is Avavan Arnett Deaton. I am a wife, mother, grandmother,

    Christian, and a farmer. I have been employed for over 22 years at WLVC and
    I am very grateful to be a part of a business that not only cares about the
    animals, but also about their employees.
    I love helping people and take pride in the thought that when called upon I
    do my best to help someone or to at least get them the help they need. That
    is why I enjoy working for the West Liberty Vet Clinic, because they also
    try their best to help all those in need. The Lord has so richly blessed me
    in my life with two families; an amazing blood family and work family for
    which I am very thankful.

  • Whitney Blanton, Veterinary Technician

    Hello! I have been working at the West Liberty Vet Clinic for 12 wonderful years. I feel very passionate about animal medicine, especially equine. My hobbies include riding my horses, hiking, and spending time with my family. At home, I have two dogs, one cat, and two horses.

  • Hannah Blevins, Office Manager

    Hello, my name is Hannah Blevins! I have been an employee at the WLVC for 17 years and became the office manager in 2018. The WLVC is my second home where I enjoy helping give back to the people and pets of Appalachia. I am happily married to my husband Zach and we have two of the best kids, our sassy daughter Dakota Grace, and our sweet son Kasey Wayne. God has blessed my family and I thank him every day for this wonderful life.

  • Samantha Johnson, Veterinary Technician

    Hello everyone, I’m Samantha Johnson a License Veterinary Technician. I love being able to assist in the care of your beloved pets and any concerns you may have for them. I am a graduate from the Morehead State University Veterinary Technician Program where I was able to learn the majority of the skills I need to do so. I love being around all the animals, but my favorite if I had to pick would be cattle. We raise cow and calf pairs and we also raise feeder calves. We have all different animals though from cattle to horses and of course cats and dogs. I love to be with family, the outdoors and just enjoying the wonderful life that I’ve been blessed with.

  • Kaytlyn Bowens, Veterinary Technician

    Bio coming soon

  • Allison Purcell, Veterinary Technician

    My name is Allison Purcell, In 2012, I pursued a career towards a veterinarian technician. I worked for Dr. Rudolph Ousley in Prestonsburg Kentucky until he passed away in 2019. I knew that being in the veterinarian field was where my heart belonged, having 6 fur babies that I cherish of my own. I then began the next steps of my career in February2020 with the West Liberty Vet Clinic where I have found myself, again, a family and second home.

  • Crystal O'Neal, Receptionist

    Hi, my name is Crystal O’Neal I am from eastern Kentucky. I grew up on a farm, and always had cows, horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. Since I was small I always wanted to work at the vets office. I am blessed to be working withW.L.V.C.

  • Hannah McCarty, Receptionist

    I was born and raised in Magoffin County. I have been with the WLVC for almost a year. I always knew working with animals is something I wanted to pursue. After becoming an employee with the vet clinic, I have now enrolled in school and working towards becoming a Veterinarian Technician and will be finished in December! I am forever grateful for the family I’ve gained at the WLVC.

  • Abby Hibbard, Veterinary Assistant

    I am Abby Hibbard, I am 19 years old from Ezel Kentucky. I have been employed at WLVC for a year and a half. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, soccer, volleyball, and spending time with my family and friends.

  • Ariana Arnett, Veterinary Technician

    My name is Ariana C Arnett a Licensed Veterinary technician born in Orlando Florida and raised in West Liberty Kentucky. I attended Morehead State University and graduated with an associate's in veterinary technology while working at the WLVC. I'm primarily a small animal technician but don't mind dipping my hands into the large animal work. The unconditional love and care animals give every day to the people they care for and sometimes don't even know has always inspired me to give just as much back to them. This is what put me on my path to the WLVC and I wouldn't have had it any other way. My first priority will always be your animals well being.

  • Emma Fugate, Receptionist

    I am a full time receptionist here at the West Liberty Vet clinic. I strive to make our clients and patients feel welcome and comfortable in our office. I take pride in helping the folks in Eastern Kentucky by providing care for their pets and livestock. I have five dogs of my own: Waylon, Willow, Josie, Tank, and Dolly.

  • Alexis Scarlett, DVM

    Education: Lincoln Memorial CVM

    I was raised in Stanville, KY, and knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a veterinarian. 

    I graduated from Pike County Central High school in 2015, then attended Morehead State University where I graduated with a B.S. in Biology in 2019. I then moved to the beautiful Cumberland Gap region to attend veterinary school. I graduated from Lincoln Memorial university college of Veterinary Medicine in May 2023. 

    In my spare time, I enjoy showing horses and being involved in the equine community. I also love spending time with my two dogs: Mazie and Darcy. 

    I am very excited to begin my career at the WLVC and look forward to serving the Appalichian community for many years to come.

  • Lauren Mirus, DVM

    Practicing since : 2015

    Education: Auburn CVM

    Bio coming soon!

  • Jerran Howard
    Large Animal Veterinary Technician

    Bio coming soon!

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